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Better expertise

Accounts outsourcing firms provide services like handling bookkeeping, accounting and other simple functions that tend to focus only on current results. Whereas, a VCFO provides with better strategies for the same processes i.e. pursuing long term benefits. In other words, a Virtual CFO is an all rounder who provides you with knowledge that is outside the domain of accounts outsourcing firm.

Forward Thinking

Accounts outsourcing firms tell you where your finances are lacking by providing you with daily, monthly or quarterly reports. Whereas, VCFO analyses such reports and makes long term action plans through financial planning, fundraising and by providing with tips & tricks to know how and where to invest to get maximum returns.

Business growth

Business has various dimensions and it is not possible to handle all of them efficiently at all times. A VCFO, therefore, makes a business aware of all the possible threats and opportunities coming its way through his/her experience and vast knowledge of business by working on a budget planning , budgeting, costing analysis, policy making etc. Whereas, an accounts outsourcing firm provides help only with audit, data analysis and implementing basic policies.

Consultation benefits

Every company needs accounts outsourcing to perform traditional services which are of great importance in day to day routine but apart from that it requires ideas and suggestions to provide value beyond compliance benefits. A VCFO, therefore, not only helps in tax planning but also guides on key tax practices and streamlining it to their benefit. Therefore, outsourcing accounting services give guidance on all technical matters relating to finance and a Virtual CFO gives a deep analysis on finance, tips on latest trends and technological advancements.

Services we offer but not limit to:

  • Regular Catch-up Meeting with Board Members
  • Margin Review and Cost Analysis
  • Company Structure Review
  • ASIC Annual Review
  • Monthly Internal Audit and Management Reporting
  • Cash flow Management
  • Budget modelling and Advise
  • Company Policy Review
  • Tax and GST Support
  •  Gary Simpson
    I can’t recommend Brett from RISENCO highly enough, with his honesty, integrity and genuine desire to help. I trust Brett implicitly with my highly personal information. Brett sorted out sensitive financials for me with empathy and efficiency. All my financial matters are now in the hands of RISENCO and I rest easy knowing my financial future is safe.
    Gary Simpson
    Simpson FT
  • Carl Manning, Managing Director
    We needed financial strategic support and RISENCO gave us a strong controller. Rebecca developed a strategy to not only assist us with day-to-day functions, but provide forward-thinking guidance by developing workflows, processes and policies. The result of her work was outstanding, and created efficiencies in these functions. We have enjoyed working with Rebecca and would definitely recommend RISENCO to another client.
    Carl Manning, Managing Director
    Golden Triple
  • James Latter, Managing Director
    Most small companies don’t need full time CFO capabilities, yet they can’t afford costly rookie mistakes with their accounting system. RISENCO provides experienced people and a variable cost structure that fits the age and stage of emerging businesses. We have a great partnership.
    James Latter, Managing Director
    Latter’s Transport


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